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Justin Kenney

Investment Advisor

Justin Kenney has worked in the financial industry since 2000. As a specialist in client relations and investment mechanics, Justin joined the team at Siler Wealth Management in January of 2009. Justin’s commitment to continuing and...
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Lee Siler

President & CEO

Lee A. Siler was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1964. After college, he began managing client assets and has been doing so for more than 26 years. His FINRA licenses include the Series 63, 65, 7, and 24. He also holds the life insurance...
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Marcus Lewis

Investment Consultant

Marcus Lewis is a very goal oriented and ambitious individual, who graduated from the University of Central Florida with his Bachelor’s degree in Finance. As an intern at a National investment firm, he realized working with...
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Patricia Button

Operations Manager

Patricia Button has been a vital part of the operation of Siler Wealth Management since the very beginning. Patty’s well trained eye has reviewed every file of every client at SWM, dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”. As Director...
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